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Analagous Colors
Are colors which are next to each other on the color wheel.
Presence of all color.
Reflected light; the absorbtion of all other colors except the one we see.
Color Scheme
The choice of colors used in a work of art, such as monochromatic, analogous, complimentary, etc.
Color Symbolism
Is the use of color to express an emotion, political, religious, or other meaning.
Complimentary Colors
Are direct opposites on the color wheel.
Gray Scale
Harmonius Tetrad
Harmonious Triad
High Key
Is the name of a color in its pure form, such as red, yellow, blue, etc.
Is the brightness or saturation of a color.
Low Key
Middle Key
Neutral Gray
Is created by mixing complimentary colors together.   Complimentary colors are those that are direct opposites on a color wheel.
Is the dry, powdered coloring agent in a paint that is mixed with a medium to form tube or stick colors.
Primary Colors
The primary colors are red, yellow, and blue.
Secondary Colors
Are made by the mixing of one primary color with another.   There are three secondary colors: orange (red into yellow), green (blue into yellow), and violet (blue into red).
Simultaneous Contrast
Is the use of compliments in their pure form placed next to each other without separation.  This arrangement allows the hues to be more intense.
Is a degree of color obtained by adding black to a particular hue.

Tertiary Colors


Is a degree of color obtained by adding small amounts of a particular hue into white.  The more hue added, the stronger the tint.
Is a degree of color obtained by the addition of gray or neutral gray to a particular hue.  By adding a neutral gray instead of a pure gray allows the new color to retain more of its original hue.
Locates a color's approximate position on a value scale in relation to white and black.  A light color such as yellow would be considered high in value (closer to white), while a dark color such as blue or violet would be considered low in value (closer to black).
Absence of all color.